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Quick Facts:

Flat Fee Listings appear on the North Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS),, Yahoo Real Estate, MSN, Google,, and thousands of other Real Estate Sites.

 Realtor.comŪ is the leading Internet site for buying and selling homes and is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Over 4 million properties across the nation are offered for sale on Realtor.comŪ. All buyers that utilize the internet to find homes will eventually find this site. Featured Homes and Showcase Homes are display prominently.

Showcase Listings are presented before other listings in the search results. (it is a big advantage to have a Showcase Listing on Realtor.comŪ). When buyers search for homes on Realtor.comŪ they find Showcase Listings are at the top of the list. Showcase Listings are displayed first and the non-showcase last.

If we get a lead on your listing, we forwarded to you, not an agent, so less chance of a commission.

You choose the commission to offer the renter's agents (By law commissions are negotiable and are not fixed by any state or federal law).

Listing can be canceled at any time (see our 100% Money Back Guarantee below for details).

Same or next business day processing.

No charge for unlimited listing changes.

How long will it take before my home appears in MLS? The same or next business day that you
return the forms package to us.

How will I know when it is there? We'll email the listing sheet to you. A few business days later, you can also
view the listing on 
Websites owned and operated by third parties are not under our control, and we cannot guarantee that your property listing information or images associated with your property listing will appear on a third-party website will appear in a certain way on such a third-party website, or will appear within a certain number of days, nor are we responsible for any modifications or changes made to third-party websites.

What happens after the listing expires? The listing does not expire. Your listing is active in MLS until it is leased.

How much total commission will I owe if another REALTORSŪ sells it? You choose. One piece of information included on the MLS is the commission you're willing to pay the renters's agent. 

How much total commission will I owe if I rent it? None!

Why is your price so low? We do not need to pay an affiliate broker to list your house in the
MLS, because we are members ourselves. This prevents you from essentially paying twice!

Is this the same MLS that REALTORSŪ use? Yes it is, and your listing goes into the same system.

Whose phone number shows up on always requires that the Broker's
phone number be shown with their respective listing. Your phone number will be shown as the number
to call for showings.

How do I change my listing's price? Email or fax us a letter stating the new price with the signature
of all owners of record. There is no charge for this.

How do I return the forms to you? Please fax to 817-529-5712 or scan/email to

I have some legal questions. Do you have any references? We recommend the site FreeAdvice.
for starters, as it contains the most extensive collection of free legal advice that we have seen, as
well as links to attorneys. Please note that we are not attorneys nor affiliated with this website. We offer
or take no responsibility for its content.

What is the showing service? A quick, courteous, and professional way to schedule showing appointments.

Do you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, if you feel you cannot represent yourself any longer and decide you want to list with a full service agency, we will gladly refer you to a traditional Agent. After they accept our referral in writing and the confirmation of your homes closing with that particular agency, we will send you a full refund of the money you spent for our Flat Fee Listing Package.

You may select any agency you want as long as you let us know prior to contacting or listing with the traditional agency.

Once you have been in discussion with the traditional agency about listing your property we will be unable to refer you.
In short, tell us which Real Estate Company you want to list your property with, we will call them, and have them contact you about listing your property.

Please note that when we refer you to the agency of your choice we will receive a referral fee from the traditional agency that lists and rents your property.

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